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Caring for Your Fur


• Always store your furs in cold storage when you are done wearing them for the season. We provide on-site temperature, humidity and light controlled storage vaults to protect your fur and keep it from drying out, oxidizing and prematurely aging your garment.

• Clean your fur annually. Your fur may not look dirty, but it is important to remove small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals that have sifting through the fur and are absorbing the natural oils from your pelts.

• Have small rips repaired immediately to prevent more expensive repairs later.

• Always hang your fur on a broad-shoulder hanger, never a wire hanger. Allow enough space in your closet so your fur is not crushed. Also, make sure the light in the closet remains off while your fur is in the closet.

NEVER keep your fur in bags of any type. Plastic or rubber-lined bags prevent air from circulating, which can dry out the leather on the pelts. Over time, bags (even cloth bags) can cause wear and broken hairs where the bag rests against the fur.

DO NOT store your fur in a cedar closet. Cedar wood absorbs moisture which can dry your fur out.

DO NOT store your fur with moth balls. Moth balls react with moisture in the air to produce a gas that acts as a fumigant. This chemical reaction can cause irreparable damage to your fur (not to mention a lingering odor).

AVOID spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals on your fur.

• If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. DO NOT use a direct heat source such as a hairdryer or a radiators to dry your fur. If your fur is soaked through, take it immediately to your furrier for proper treatment.