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Fur Consignment


To consign your fur at Hinsdale Furriers:


Firstly, we DO NOT purchase any Used Furs out-right.

We accept items for consignment from September through December ONLY.

If you are looking to put your fur on consignment, you must bring your coat into Hinsdale Furriers (or ship it to us if the case may be*).

It is important to call or email us before bringing in or shipping your garment.


Call +1 630 323 1840 or email


We cannot determine the price of a garment by looking at a picture.

Everyone tells us that their fur is in “Perfect Condition”.

Your fur may appear to be in great shape but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The leather side of the pelts needs to be strong and supple for us to accept a coat for consignment.


What we look for when you bring your coat in for consignment:


• We will inspect your fur when you bring it in for consignment.

• We begin by feeling the condition of the pelts.

• If the pelts are dry and stiff, we will not accept the coat.

• If the coat is still supple and strong, we move onto looking for any rips in the fur or lining.

• If we find any rips, you must pay to have them repaired before we put the fur on consignment.

• If a fur has a smoky, musty or strong perfume odor to it, you will have to pay to have the fur cleaned before we put it on consignment.

• When we price the fur, details such as age, style, worn areas, lining condition, etc. are taken into consideration.

• Once we decide to put the fur on consignment we fill out a consignment agreement and both parties sign it.

• The garment gets put out in our showroom for sale and put onto our web site as well.

• When the garment sells, we will mail you a check within 30 days for 50% of the selling price.


If the garment does not sell by the end of March, you have 3 choices:


1, You can pick up the garment (or have it shipped back to you at your expense).

2, You can put the garment into storage for a fee and we will try again the following year.

3, You can donate the garment to charity (We support WINGS) and you will receive a donation receipt.


* If you are shipping your coat to Hinsdale Furriers:


Please send an email or call us to let us know that you are shipping it to us.

Pack your fur in a sturdy box with tissue paper.

DO NOT include garment bags in your box and DO NOT pack your furs with plastic bags.

Please include a piece of paper inside the box (Click here to download a Shipping Form) with your full name, address, phone number, email address, items included in the box and indicate that they are for consignment consideration.

We will contact you as soon as your items arrive.


Thank you

Hinsdale Furriers