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Black Dyed Sheared Mink Jacket with Ruched Body and Mink Trim
Black Dyed Sheared Mink Jacket.....
$5,195.00 $3,117.00
Black Sheared Mink Jacket with Mahogany Mink Trim
Black Sheared Mink Jacket with.....
$6,595.00 $3,957.00
Bleached Mahogany Sheared Mink Sections Jacket Reversible to Taffeta
Bleached Mahogany Sheared Mink.....
$2,795.00 $1,677.00
Brown Dyed Semi-Sheared Mink Jacket with Brown Dyed Chinchilla Collar
Brown Dyed Semi-Sheared Mink J.....
$7,995.00 $3,998.00
Khaki Dyed Sheared Fine-Corded Hooded Mink Jacket with Drawstring Waist
Khaki Dyed Sheared Fine-Corded.....
$6,495.00 $1,949.00
Moonshine Dyed Sheared Female Mink Jacket with Belt and Stone Marten Trim
Moonshine Dyed Sheared Female .....
$11,995.00 $3,599.00