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Common types of fur


Fur Type Characteristics What to look for
Beaver-Natural Long guard hairs over dense underfur. Sheen look to guard hairs; thick underfur.
Beaver-Sheared Soft, plush texture. Evenly sheared and colored; silky to the touch.
Coyote Long haired fur, often tan or gray in color, durable and warm. Long guard hair; thick underfur.
Fitch Long guard hairs, color ranging from cream with black markings to oranges. Silky texture; distinction in colors.
Fox Long haired fur, wide range of colors. Long, soft guard hairs; good color.
Lamb-Mongolian Long, wavy hair, often dyed. Long, silky hair; not frizzy.
Lamb-Persian Tight curls, usually black, brown, and gray. Silky curls; soft, light leather.
Lamb-Shearling Natural sheepskin with leather side sueded. Soft suede; even shearing.
Mink-Natural Soft and light weight with silky guard hairs and dense underfur. Soft, full fur; silky and lustrous look.
Mink-Sheared Soft and light weight, plush texture. Evenly sheared and colored; silky to the touch.
Muskrat Fur is full and thick. Density of fur, well-matched skins.
Nutria-Natural Long, sleek guard hairs and thick underfur. Color is usually a lustrous brown, can be dyed. Uniformity of color and texture.
Nutria-Sheared Plush texture, lighter weight than beaver. Even shearing and coloring.
Opossum Long guard hair with dense underfur. Soft texture; uniformity of color.
Rabbit Generally long haired. Can be sheared and dyed many colors. Silky texture.
Raccoon Long guard hairs over thick underfur, May be dyed or sheared. Silvery tone; plenty of guard hair and heavy underfur.
Sable Soft, silky fur. Generally expensive. Soft deep fur with silky guard hairs.
Tanuki Also called Japanese raccoon. Colors range from tans to oranges with black tips. Clarity of color; dense, full texture.