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When Shopping


What you should look for when shopping for a fur garment:


1, Pelts that are lustrous and uniform in color.

2, Fur density.

3, Silky texture.

4, Leather that is soft and pliable.

5, Fur that is either dyed or natural, and assurance that a dyed or otherwise processed fur is labeled as such.

6, Name of the fur, country of origin and whether full pelt, paws, tails, gills, etc., were used to make the garment, or if it is a secondhand fur (again, all of this information should be clearly visible in a label or on a tag).

7, For mink purchases: silky hairs evenly matched for a quality of color, and underfur that's dense, compact and paler in color.

8, A furrier you feel comfortable with and someone who will be there for service.